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The Caribbean staghorn coral Acropora cervicornis is a keystone species of crucial importance to biodiversity, fisheries, and tourism interests. A. cervicornis is particularly vital as fisheries habitat due to it being the only large open-branched coral species of reef slope, back reef, and
lagoon environments, so the loss of this species represents a loss to the biodiversity and carrying capacity of Caribbean reefs. Only 2-3 decades ago, this species was one of the most important reef-building corals on Caribbean reefs, however the species has declined throughout the region,
becoming locally extinct on many reefs

One of the objectives of the coral nurseries is to develop a design that provides ideal growth conditions for the coral fragments. In addition to tracking coral growth rates, the development of research methods that may improve these rates is also of interest.

Currently, projects and programs for reef restoration are under development in few reefs around Bayahibe area and we are proud to say that Coral Point Diving is fully committed. It is a promising starting point!


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Marine Conservation


Maintenance is vital for the success of the nursery, especially the periodic removal of fouling (barnacles, algae etc) that can choke small coral fragments and compete for resources. Students and recreational dive volunteers can help Coral Point Diving with this constant task. Through working in the nursery and helping in the certification of divers for coral gardening, we hope to create better tools and better protocol for teaching those methods.