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PADI OPEN WATER DIVER in Bayahibe - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (compare to Mexico-Honduras-Thailand-Bahamas-Belize CostaRica!)

The PADI Open Water course is your doorway to the recreational scuba world! This entry-level course includes dive theory, equipment overviews and a full training of the skills, one of the reasons which makes it the most popular scuba diving course in the world.

Your first day will begin with a full overview of entry-level theory with the guidance of one of our professional dive trainers. In addition to the support of a professional dive trainer, you will have comprehensive videos and learning materials to make this both easy and fun.

After learning the dive theory is when we hit the water. You will begin with confined water trainings, learning the necessary skills for diving and then this will be followed by several open water dives in the beautiful reefs located minutes from our beach shop. This certification is valid for lifetime and allows you to dive to a depth of 18 meters. After completion of this course you are now able to move on to PADI Advanced Open Water or PADI Adventures in Scuba Diving.

To enroll in the PADI Open Diver course or Junior Open Water Diver course, you must

Be 10 years or older (PADI eLearning requires an extra registration step for

students under 13 years due to international internet laws


Duration 3 days

5 confined water and 4 open water

PADI Learning Materials included

Lifetime PADI Certification Card


What you learn

The PADI Open Water Diver course consists of three main phases: 

    Knowledge Development (online, home study or in a classrom) to understand basic principles of scuba diving

    Confined Open Water dives to learn basic scuba skills

    Open Water Dives to review your skills and explore! 

      SPECIAL - OWD plus

      Open Water Diver Course+ Peak Performance Buoyancy

      The PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course is designed to help divers polish their buoyancy skills beyond the Open Water Diver level. The goal is to enhance the student's understanding of proper weighting and buoyancy control abilities through knowledge development and skills practice. With a few fun skills, divers notice a vast improvement after this course in the buoyancy on their dives. This course is now offered by CORAL POINT in conjunction with your Open Water Classes.During this course all aspects that affect your buoyancy, such as weights and dive suit are covered, but most of the emphasis will be placed on your breathing. You will soon notice that when your buoyancy control improves, you will dive more relaxed and as a direct result of this, your air consumption will decrease dramatically.

      Most people will also be able to dive with less weight and this means that diving becomes much more comfortable because they don’t have to carry around those extra pounds anymore.

      This course is of interest for all divers who want to improve their buoyancy skills, divers that just bought new and unfamiliar equipment or divers that have not been diving for some time and want to brush-up their skills. 


    PRICE FOR THIS COURSE AFTER ELEARNING IS US $240 (this price is valid ONLY if you sign up for the online portion through our shop-link)



Book now - save 10% pay $350

PRICE FOR OWD + PEAK PERFORMANCE BUOYANCY IS US 439 (you will earn 2 certification)

If you, for any reason, ended up in Punta Cana, remember that the drive from Punta Cana to Bayahibe now is only 40 minutes, since the opening of highway Coral. It is a safe and modern road.  For this reason you have different option if you want to dive with us in Bayahibe. The transfer from Punta Cana is offered against an additional fee of $120. This is a round trip and it is the same fee or groups of up to eight people. You can also rent a car, either you can pre-book it from home like at any other vacation destination in the world, or you can rent there inside the Punta Cana Resorts. The cost is from 35 USD per day plus, depending on the vehicle of course.

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Start at HOME with elearning


    The PADI Open Water Diver course is, by far, the world's most popular scuba certification course. Millions of people have started diving as certified PADI Open Water Divers. Learning to scuba dive requires both knowledge development (facts, principles, concepts) and motor procedures (skills, techniques, methods). The PADI Open Water Diver Course online via the PADI eLearning website, provides the knowledge development portion you need. You develop the remaining skills by actually diving with our PADI Instructor at Coral Point Diving Resort.

Do your online portion at home and complete your Open Water Course in 2 days only!