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PADI Open Water Referral Course - Bayahibe - Punta Cana (compare to Mexico-Honduras-Thailand-Bahamas-Belize CostaRica!)

With the PADI system of diver education, you can start your course at home and then complete it here in Bayahibe, Dominican Republic, with Coral Point Diving. We often receive referral students who have completed their theory and pool training in cold winter locations such as United States or Canada, just leaving the 4 Open Water Dives for the warm waters of the Caribbean. You can make your dives in a variety of locations, from Viva Shallow to CatalinaIsland. Don't forget to bring your referral paperwork with you...

What is a referral course?

The PADI Open Water Referral allows you to save holiday time by completing part of your course with a PADI Dive Center at home, then coming to see Coral Point Diving to make your 4 open water dives. You can get all that classroom and pool stuff done at your leisure in the evenings or weekends - just find your nearest PADI Dive Center by checking the PADI Web Site. Or you can at least get all the theory done at home by signing up for PADI e-Learning.

If you complete all the pool and theory, all you need to do is bring your referral paperwork to us and sign up for 2 days diving in the warm waters of Dominican Republic. We hope to see you here soon, and we look forward into turning you into a certified PADI Open Water Diver!

Open Water Referral - Course Prices

4 dives by -

1st day - Scuba Review, skills assessment and 1 training dive

2nd day - 3 boat training dives

total price (4 dives)$200



If you, for any reason, ended up in Punta Cana, remember that the drive from Punta Cana to Bayahibe now is only 40 minutes, since the opening of highway Coral. It is a safe and modern road.  For this reason you have different option if you want to dive with us in Bayahibe. The transfer from Punta Cana is offered against an additional fee of $120. This is a round trip and it is the same fee or groups of up to eight people. You can also rent a car, either you can pre-book it from home like at any other vacation destination in the world, or you can rent there inside the Punta Cana Resorts. The cost is from 35 USD per day plus, depending on the vehicle of course.

Marine Conservation in Bayahibe, Dominican Republic


We consider ourselves very lucky to live and work in Bayahibe and want to return something to community, we ask our divers to do the same.