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Technical Diving in the Caribbean with Coral Point Diving, Bayahibe - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic - Sidemount, Sidemount Instructor, Cave Diving, Full cave diver, Trimix, Trimix Instructor, PADI Tec Rec Tec 40, Tec 45, Tec 50

PADI TecRec courses

PADI launched its TecRec program in 2000, in association with Diving Science And Technology (DSAT). The benefits of taking a PADI TecRec course include:

an integrated course flow that takes you from the beginning to a highly qualified tec diver using different gas mixes

each level introduces you to new gear, planning and procedures appropriate to extend your diving limits

the Tec Deep Diver course is an integrated sequence of three subcourses, Tec 40Tec 45 and Tec 50. You can complete them continuously, or you can complete each level separately with a time span between them.

Cave Diving Courses

We are one of the few dive facilities technical and cave diving oriented training in Bayahibe.We provide TRAINING and GUIDED DIVING SERVICES to some of the best blue holes and underwater caves in the Dominican Republic.

If you, for any reason, ended up in Punta Cana, remember that the drive from Punta Cana to Bayahibe now is only 40 minutes, since the opening of highway Coral. It is a safe and modern road.  For this reason you have different option if you want to dive with us in Bayahibe. The transfer from Punta Cana is offered against an additional fee of $120. This is a round trip and it is the same fee or groups of up to eight people. You can also rent a car, either you can pre-book it from home like at any other vacation destination in the world, or you can rent there inside the Punta Cana Resorts. The cost is from 35 USD per day plus, depending on the vehicle of course.


Reef Diving


There is no better place to do this then with us in Dominican Republic. We are proud to say that here in Bayahibe we offer the most beautiful reefs and the most spectacular walls in the whole Caribbean.

Wreck Diving


Bayahibe offers some great wrecks just a few moments boat ride from our beach shop, explore either the Atlanic Princess or the infamous St. George...

Cave Diving


Another reason the Dominican Republic is famous is the amazing cave diving available here. Be aware that technical diving is a technical sport and must be done with professional support. Coral Point Diving 's team in bayahibe can help you to explore Dominican Republic famous caves.



Coral Point has specialized in personal/private scuba diving, which means that you as a client are central in all what we do. After many years of experience in the diving industry, we recognise that there is a need for a more personalized approach within a dive resort. This is why Coral Point Diving customizes scuba diving courses and daily certified dive trips to meet the needs of our important customers. The visit to our Coral Regrowth Project in Bayahibe is the highlight of all our Private Scuba Diving Packages.