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Saona, Catalina, island excursions and scuba diving all this if you stay in BAYAHIBE with Coral Point Diving

Bayahibe is reached over a hilly drive with incredible views through the Boca de Chaon Valley . The town itself is more or less a small fishing village surrounded by a few large vacation resorts. Bayahibe provides one of the entrances to theParque Nacional del Este and Isla Soana . The park consists of limestone terraces formed a million years ago and caves containing pre-Columbian pictographs and rock carvings of the Tainos. One part of the park's coast is known for excellent diving because of its amazing coral formation diversity. The southeastern tip of the park, Calderas Bay, is where you will find saltwater lagoons with mangrove swamps and dozens of different types of birdlife. Bayahibe is also where you can hire a boat for a 45 minute ride over to Isla Saona , a 25 by 5 km sized island. This picturesque island is a popular excursion due to its beautiful white sand beach, tall coconut palms and great snorkeling, which can sometimes include peeks of manatees and bottlenose dolphins.

If you are a diver or simply interested in some sea activities like snorkeling or Saona Island Tour or Catalina Excursions remember

that our Coral Point Office is located very, very close to you.

No matter which Hotel you choose to spend your holidays. We offer free transfers from all the Hotels below

Dream Resorts - Bayahibe La Romana
Be Live Canoa
Grand Dominicus Catalonia
Ibero Star Hacienda Dominicus

Book with us in advance and we will make sure you will have a VIP service for you and your family.


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Marine Conservation


Nature conservation projects, especially reef studies and science projects are planned and conducted by Coral Point Diving in Bayahibe. Young people can apply for voluntary work over several months (with supervision), can participate in nature conservation projects and become an active part in the protection of the coral reefs. In any case they will learn a lot of the biology of coral reefs and its threats.