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HOW TO GET THERE - Saona, Catalina and scuba diving in Bayahibe

The nearest airport for flights to Bayahibe is Aeropuerto Internacional La Romana (LRM), which is located in La Romana, about 20 km (12 miles) from Bayahibe. Hire cars in Bayahibe are available at the airport and some of the hotels provide shuttle bus services. There is also a taxi rank outside the main terminal.Getting around Bayahibe is best done on foot or by bicycle, but if you want to travel further afield you can book a taxi or rent a car. Small four wheel drives are handy to get around the region, but always make sure the hire price includes insurance and check if there are any areas where your insurance won’t cover. If you're a little more adventurous you can hire a Moto concho, which is really just a privately owned motorbike and driver(rider). These are cheap but the drivers aren't always very skilled, so be cautious.


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Marine Conservation with Coral Point Diving in Bayahibe


We consider ourselves very lucky to live and work and Bayahibe and want to return something to community, we ask our students to do the same.