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The area sees little variation in temperatures during the year, with the humidity and rainfall being major factors in determining when to travel. Temperatures during the winter range from 29C - 31C, with January being the coolest month in Bayahibe. The days see at least 7 - 8 hours of sunshine. Evening and night time temperatures remain around 19C - 21C from November to April. The days are dry during the winter, and the average rainfall is 47mm each month, with March being the driest month in Bayahibe, seeing only 36mm of rainfall. A major water sports centre, the warm clear seas around Bayahibe see very warm temperatures of 26C - 28C from November to January.


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Marine Conservation with Coral Point Diving in Bayahibe


We consider ourselves very lucky to live and work and Bayahibe and want to return something to community, we ask our divers to do the same.