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ATVs excursion to Gato with 4 WHEELS FOR FUN in Bayahibe

4WHEELFORFUN and tours agency created to offer guests an ‘exclusive experience, a trip with four wheel outside the normal channels … A unique experience for those who want to discover the unmistakable natural beauty of the Dominican Republic. We are a group of professionals, our group is perfectly prepared to offer in every situation the best combination of quality and services.
Our guests can choose one of two circuits that are realized in two different places in the southeastern part of the island: Santa Cruz de Gato and Cumayasa … places that although distinct, are common to the extraordinary richness of the variety of landscapes with opportunity to practice different activities, perfectly integrated in the medium environment. Our exciting multi-activity program explores some of the beautiful corners of the region in which sport and adventure blend.
In our exclusive excursions, all resources are made available to guarantee our customers an unforgettable experience, and then to ensure quality limited to a maximum of 10 guests per excursion

Santa Cruz de Gato, which is about 10 miles from the picturesque fishing village of Bayahibe, and ‘a typical town located inland, in which are nature and its resources to make the trip unforgettable.
The Chavon River, a stop on the excursion to Santa Cruz de Gato, where you can swim and cool, is ideal for a walk by canoe along the river enjoying the peace that only the slow passage of the bed you can give.
Also, if you want to liven up the steps in canoeing is the opportunity for those who want both children and adults alike, to dive from the edge of the river liane.
For the more adventurous there is a possibility to practice Canopy …….. proof of how much adrenaline failed to produce the suspended steel wire that used to “fly” harnessed securely across platforms!!
The circuit also includes 4 wheels with a stop in Batey, a typical village in which the smile and the liveliness of the children to welcome our guests.
Our ranch also makes available to our guests who want the horses to ride through the vast expanses of sugar cane fields that characterize the environment around.

4WHEELSFORFUN is proud to have recently launched a new excursion that takes place in a corner of our region …… not far from the mouth of the river Cumayasa and a few miles of the town of La Romana.
The Rancho of Cumayasa,  the starting point of fourwheels,  is a space built in perfect harmony with mother nature, and hiking provide, for those who want a ride with magnificent horses to full availability of our customers.
The circuit  is enriched by the visit of the calix’ s mine and the  bat cave where you can see the pictographs of indigenous peoples who inhabited the area.
During the tour you will enjoy the beautiful beach of Cumayasa for a refreshing dip in the crystal clear Caribbean Sea!
The stage in the sleepy Batey is required  …. the warm welcome of the children will enrich your memories when you ‘ll think back to the fabulous excursion made with 4FOURWHEELSFORFUN.
The trip, for those who wish, include the proof of adrenaline with the Canopy …… The equipment used are safe and in accordance with the law and 4WHEELFORFUN  intends to offer its guests  fun in optimal conditions!
Adventure and ecotourism ……….. are featured in our trips !!!!!!!


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