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Santo Domingo - full day excursion

The first city founded in the Americas, Santo Domingo, has some 500 years of history under its belt. Despite the bustling pace of life here, Santo Domingo is a pleasant city, especially in the colonial zone.

The tour will start in the heart of the Colonial Zone, on the famous Conde Street, where the Dominican Travel Network travel store is located.

From here we walk through the Hostos street, finding a variety of colonial style buildings on the way. Towards the end the Hostos street, the street goes up until we reach the site of the San Francisco ruins, the leftover of what was once the first Monastery of the New World, constructed in 1556.

From here the tour descends towards the nearby Plaza España, known for some of the best restaurants in town and the famous Columbus House (Alcazar de Colon), built in 1514. We will visit this museum as part of our tour.

Continuing through the Calle de las Damas (Ladies Street), the oldest street of Santo Domingo and constructed in 1511, we will reach the National Pantheon. Construction finished in 1746 and initially it served as a Jesuit church, while thirty years later, the building was converted to a tobacco warehouse. In 1956 it’s was renovated to become the National Pantheon, a mausoleum to honor the most famous heroes in the Dominican History. A short visit is included in our tour.

Strolling further down the Calle de las Damas, along a variety of wonderfully renovated buildings, we reach the Ozama Fortress, named after the river Ozama, located just outside the old city’s defense walls. In this mainly open-air museum you can see parts of the original old city walls and you can climb the tower, offering spectacular views of the colonial city and its surroundings. Built in 1505, it is the oldest former military construction of European origin still standing in the Americas. In following centuries it was converted to a prison, which it remained until 1960. Since then, it has been renovated and today it serves as a museum open to the general public.


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