If you your plan is not just being an Instructor but you wish to be able to learn and teach specialties this COMBO Program is for you since it is offering you the possibility to become Instructor and ready to teach 5 Instructor Specialty through our MSDT preparation.


COST $ 1540

Duration: 4 weeks


To be paid to PADI:

PADI OWSI Instructor Examination (IE): $ 675

PADI OWSI Application Fee $ 169

PADI IDC Crew Pack + EFR Instructor Manual: $ 590

PADI Specialties Fee: $ 272

This Program is giving you the possibility to learn and teach 5 Instructor Specialties. If interested in becoming MSDT then you need to certify 25 students. Please send us an email is becoming MSDT your Goal and we will have you participate in one of our Continuing Education Programs