CoralWatch - Reef Check Training

Do you care about the environment? In today’s world that’s a pretty loaded question. We all know that marine conservation is of increasing importance and now you have the chance to join our team at Coral Point Diving to do your part for the environment.

Coral Point Diving and Gianluca Lamberti, our in-house marine biologist, give you our brand new ECO Internship program in Dominican Republic. Designed to give you the ultimate diving holiday whilst doing your bit for the underwater environment, these Eco Internships offer you, the ECO enthusiast, the scuba diving experience of a lifetime.

To us, each dive can make a difference; maybe we might stop on a drift dive and assess coral reef health, maybe we will stop on a shallow reef dive and check certain areas for bleaching. Fish populations are also a concern with us and we are developing programs to educate local fisherman on sustainable practices.

For all interested in our diving for a difference we not only teach you to carry out Reef Check and Coral Watch but you can also become certified in both. You will have the opportunity to work amongst the local community helping to organize and motivate cleanups, both above and below water.

Our Commitment to Underwater World Conservation
Marine conservation issue is taken into priority at Coral Point Diving and below you will find just a few of the policies and initiatives that guide our environmental strategy.




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