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The Dominican Republic is the fastest growing tourism destination in the Caribbean. The country now boasts well over 60,000 hotel rooms (in 670 hotels) including over 20 hotels built in the last two years alone. The Dominican Republic is a preferred destination for luxury in the Caribbean. It also offers gaming and casinos as well as pristine beaches and an abundance of eco-tourism options.

Proud and protective of the beauty and legacy they oversee, the government of the Dominican Republic has set aside 20 percent of the country's land for preservation. This provides for 19 national parks, six scientific reserves, 32 natural monuments, 15 natural reserves, two marine sanctuaries and nine protected parcels of islands. Four of the tallest peaks in the Caribbean are here, the highest of which is Pico Duarte at 10,128 feet above sea level.


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Marine Conservation


Nature conservation projects, especially reef studies and science projects are planned and conducted at Coral Point. Young people can apply for vountary work over several months  (with supervision), can participate in nature conservation projects and become an active part in the protection of the coral reefs. In any case they will learn a lot of the biology of coral reefs and its threats.