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5-тизвездочный PADI Дайвцентр в Байаибе предлагает — Экскурсии на остров Саона и Шарк Поинт на Карибах. Дайв-экскурсии на остров Каталина в Байаибе, Доминиканская Республика

Остров Саона, Каталина, Шарк Поинт... Некоторые из наших лучших дайвсайтов (места погружений) расположены всего в паре минут поездки катером от нашего дайв-центра. А еще через несколько минут Вы уже сможете выбирать из большого разнообразия интереснейший дайвсайтов, таких как:


We depart for the local dives around 09:00am from Bayahibe and we are back around 13:00h (01:00pm). The duration of the scuba trip depends on the dive sites. These are our prices if you book online in advance. Dont' wory if you haven't a buddy, we run dive excursions even if you are the only diver on board!

The prices you see online are only valid at the time of the quote. The price may change according to availability and if you book when in Bayahibe.


Single Tank Dive - $50         Book now - pay $45
Double Tank Dive - $85         Book now - pay $75      
Night Dive - $60   (light rental, please add $5)
we run night dive with one diver only!             


4 DIVES - $150                      Book now - pay $140


6 DIVES - $240                     Book now - pay $ 210


8 DIVES - $290                   Book now - pay $ 270


10 DIVES - $350                   Book now - pay $ 330

Special Dive Excursions (Prices are additional, per diver, to the standard dive prices)

½ Day Catalina- The Wall and The Aquarium add $45
½ Day Peñon Reef - Tortuga add $15

All packages include equipment, however we do offer a small discount if you bring your own scuba diving equipment and do more than 4 dives. All packages include divemaster

CORAL PACKAGE - Private Diving Price
prices are per person

1 day private (2 dives) $120
2 days private (4dives) $240
3 days private (6 dives) $360

(minimum 2 persons)

Book Now - Save money

Our web-site is designed for direct online bookings. Availability is limited! Be sure to guaranty your reservation by booking online NOW.We advise booking early to obtain the cheapest prices.



If you have any questions please call us by using our reservation numbers: +1829 574 9655 or +1829 213 5823. Our lines and staff are here 24/7 and we look forward to assist you.


If you, for any reason, ended up in Punta Cana, remember that the drive from Punta Cana to Bayahibe now is only 40 minutes, since the opening of highway Coral. It is a safe and modern road.  For this reason you have different option if you want to dive with us in Bayahibe. The transfer from Punta Cana is offered against an additional fee of $120. This is a round trip and it is the same fee or groups of up to eight people. You can also rent a car, either you can pre-book it from home like at any other vacation destination in the world, or you can rent there inside the Punta Cana Resorts. The cost is from 35 USD per day plus, depending on the vehicle of course.

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Reef Diving


There is no better place to do this then with us in Dominican Republic. We are proud to say that here in Bayahibe we offer the most beautiful reefs and the most spectacular walls in the whole Caribbean.

Wreck Diving


Bayahibe offers some great wrecks just a few moments boat ride from our beach shop, explore either the Atlanic Princess or the infamous St. George...

Cave Diving


Another reason the Dominican Republic is famous is the amazing cave diving available here. Be aware that technical diving is a technical sport and must be done with professional support. Coral Point Diving 's team in bayahibe can help you to explore Dominican Republic famous caves.



Coral Point has specialized in personal/private scuba diving, which means that you as a client are central in all what we do. After many years of experience in the diving industry, we recognise that there is a need for a more personalized approach within a dive resort. This is why Coral Point Diving customizes scuba diving courses and daily certified dive trips to meet the needs of our important customers. The visit to our Coral Regrowth Project in Bayahibe is the highlight of all our Private Scuba Diving Packages.