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Currently, projects and programs for reef restoration are under development in Bayahibe area and we are proud to say that Coral Point Diving is fully committed. It is a promising starting point. The Caribbean staghorn coral Acropora cervicornis is a keystone species of crucial importance to biodiversity, fisheries, and tourism interests. A. cervicornis is particularly vital as fisheries habitat due to it being the only large open-branched coral species of reef slope, back reef, and lagoon environments, so the loss of this species represents a loss to the biodiversity and carrying capacity of Caribbean reefs. Only 2-3 decades ago, this species was one of the most important reef-building corals on Caribbean reefs, however the species has declined throughout the region becoming locally extinct on many reefs.

One of the objectives of Coral Point' coral nurseries is to develop a design that provides ideal growth conditions for the coral fragments. In addition to tracking coral growth rates, the development of research methods that may improve these rates is also of interest.



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Coral Point is not just a Caribbean dive shop but a dive shop making a difference. With Marine Biologists on Staff we are continuously combining the teaching of scuba diving  with the evaluation, monitoring, protection and education of tropical reef and coastal ecosystems.. and now you have the chance to join our team at Coral Point Diving to do your part for the environment.

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We would recommend that you book your place in advance so that we can guarantee you a start date specific to your time frame. Please send us an email to check our availability. We accept Euros, US $, Dominican Pesos and and Paypal as methods of payment




Adress: Calle la Baya, Bayahibe

Country: Dominican Republic


Tel:+1 829 213 5823

WhatsApp: +1 829 213 5823


OUR SHOP in bayahibe

Coral Point Diving is the only Dive Center to have a base directly on the Beach of Bayahibe downtown to welcome you in private away from the morning crowds. You will find us inside the famous ‘Barco Bar’ building, at only 5 minutes walk from Hilton Hotel La Romana.

Find us in DOMINUCUS

We are also located in the pedestrian area in front of the hotel Viva Dominicus Beach and Palace where we have two booking offices. The first office is called 'Mariposa Tour' and it is located on the left, coming out of Viva Dominicus Palace' gate.

The second office is right in front of Viva Dominicus Beach's gate and it is called 'Bayahibe Caracol Tours'.