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Some of our favorite dive sites are just located a short boat ride from the beach shop. Within several minutes on the boat we can be diving at a great variety of sites. All our diving activities are supervised by our marine biologist. Our diving here is comprised of amazing reef systems and beautiful wrecks,The visibility here averages 20-30 meters and water temperatures averages 26-29c.


If you havn't found all the answers to your questions through our website, please feel free to check our Frequently Asked Questions below. If still some questions don't hesitate to send us an email to


How many divers per group? We keep our groups small to offer a more personalized and relaxed experience away from the crowds. We normally allow a maximum of 4 divers per divemaster. We dive at more than twenty dive sites and with dive guides who all have extensive knowledge of our local reefs. We also divide the divers according to their diving experience. When organizing dive partners, divers with the same license, similar experience and number of dives are brought together.
How long does a dive last? The duration of the dives is 45-60 minutes, depending on air consumption.
Does the CP guide speak my language? Our dive guides and divemasters are all English-speaking and speak at least one other language. When we put together our team for the season, we always try to have instructors/divemasters who speak at least the following languages: French, German, Spanish, Italian
Do I need a medical certificate to dive? Only if you are doing a course with us, and this is a self-declaration. Certified divers do not need one, but we are happy for you to bring it with you
I don’t have a license, can I still dive? The right program for you in this case would be ‘Discover Scuba Diver’, it takes half a day and can be completed by anyone, even without previous diving experience
Is your equipment serviced regularly? We service our diving equipment regularly and ensure that the dives are safe and comfortable for all visitors. We adhere to the highest quality standards and most importantly our equipment is never more than 1 year old. Most of it is from CRESSI, the most recognized diving equipment brand in the world
Can I leave my equipment in your store overnight? Yes, we can store it safely in the dive center. You can even hang it up to dry after the dive and we will put it back in at the end of the day before closing our store
Do you use DIN or Yoke tanks? We have tanks with both types of valves, we also have valve adapters and regulator adapters if needed.
Are our tanks made of aluminum? Capacity? We only have aluminum tanks, most are 80cubic ft, some 60cubic feet for kids or smaller divers
Do you offer short or long wetsuits? We have both types of wetsuits available, in summer the short wetsuit is the most commonly used
Do you offer water on the dive trip? Always, also snacks for longer trips like Peñon and Catalina.
Does the boat return between dives? Sometimes it depends on the plan and the diving circumstances, so we can not predict it days in advance. On special trips like Peñon/Tortuga and Catalina the boat never returns between dives due to the distance (unless we have an emergency)
What about a rainy day? Can I postpone my dive, just in case? Yes, you can if we are available on the following days. However, most rainy days we can still dive as the wind is the main factor that we need to consider and that affects the conditions. Visibility underwater is usually even better in the rain.
I am not a diver, can I relax at the dive center? Of course you can, right next to us we have a nice bar/restaurant and our store is right on the public beach where you can lie down and even go for a swim if it's too hot
Can I park my car near the store? Directly in front of our store. It's safe and there's plenty of space


What if I get sick before the dive? We can reschedule your dive to another day, however we must be informed at least the day before by 5pm (when we close the store)
Do I have to pay in advance? Yes, otherwise we cannot guarantee a place on the trip. This is very important for us because if we know in advance how many divers we have, we can organize the trips safely and make sure everyone is happy with the logistics (and with  the choice of the dive sites)
How long in advance do I have to reserve a place? In the high season (November-May) we recommend booking even 2 or 3 months in advance, especially for the courses. In the low season (June-October), one week in advance is also fine.



Do the Dominicans speak English? Some of them speak English very well, others prefer to speak Spanish, but communication is not a big problem as Dominicans are cheerful people who like to communicate with tourists in every possible way and always with a smile.
Is the Dominican Republic still a cheap place to live? Well, of course, it always depends, but we should say that living in the Dominican Republic is way cheaper compared to most countries in Europe or the USA.
What is the weather like in Bayahibe? As you probably already know, the Dominican Republic is warm all year round. The tropical climate also gives you humidity, sending warm rains from time to time. Moreover, the average daytime air temperature is about 78.8 °F (26 °C), and the water temperature is about 80.6 °F (27 °C).
Is the Dominican Republic a safe country? Dominican Republic is considered one of the safest countries in the Caribbean and Bayahibe is the safest place in the country because most of the areas are secure and well guarded.

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Contact Us


The safety of our staff and visitors is our main priority for this reason our boats and classes will have a  limited capacity and anyone wishing to visit us should have booked before arriving at the site. Please use the form below to reseve a spot for your activity with us (50$ for recreational dives and 150$ for scuba courses/groups/private excursions)


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Country: Dominican Republic


Tel: +1 829 213 5823

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OUR SHOP in bayahibe

Coral Point Diving is the only Dive Center to have a base directly on the Beach of Bayahibe downtown to welcome you in private away from the morning crowds. You will find us inside the famous ‘Barco Bar’ building, at only 5 minutes walk from Hotel Hilton La Romana.